found words


a series of found poems: created from the ninth words on ninth lines



Scott’s Waverley

deposits of dialogue

island form


loch enterprise


not dialogue


Zola’s Earth

At each mention of the price of wine

Rain pours down on him


The idea on his desk said

the dark flowing tide of dung

Had hidden his papers



Aristotle’s Poetics


something that has a beginning

is no good for a character

where B is related to A

(they criticise the poet)

a middle and an end

to be courageous

as D is

as if

(D is)



Shepherd’s Living Mountain


keen inside step

behind light spurts

this gleaming margin

isolated pilgrimage



Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own


no need was spent (opinion)

plucking at the lungs

for a work that is so much

promises of prizes

no yard measures (Shakespeare’s)


the habit of freedom


bell hooks’ all about love

she was men

a combination;

a loving working telling

communing with the natural world

almost a love

the primary that justifies close family

 he may have a phobic fear of trust

feel, experience real presences

people, it is (love)


Kafka’s The Trial

all in order

buried in the secrets

her corner

their friendship

the clothes

that vow

all calmly assembled

cutting nothing

the ancient



that touch

“so that’s how it is”

exception door inviting

everything you find, handkerchiefs


Carson’s Silent Spring

soil organisms, some of the grasses and beetle

petition for an injunction

certain uncoupling may be carcinogenic

held in check


the screw-worm fly want flareback